Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From The Kitchen

This is my entry from last weeks challenge from The Daily Paintworks, by Ann Feldman. Look outside, from the window, the deck, and paint what you see. My first one is still questionable,even though I overlook the water, I couldn't make my painting "come alive", it kept needing something. So I put it aside. As Catherine Kehoe said on her lecture video, "If the painting needs something, change the setup." Does that just apply to a still life,do you think? So I turned around 180 in my house and painted looking up the back from the kitchen window.


  1. I like the different greens you got. This sounds like a fun challenge. Neat to everyones views.

  2. Love this, Anne. The light on the green area is so appealing. Interesting shapes. Love how the grasses are touching the edge at the bottom, and is that a bit of light on the far building? This is one of my favorites of yours!