Tuesday, June 28, 2022

June Rose

 My neighbor gave me a few of these splendid roses from her garden. With the cobalt blue glass, I knew I wanted to paint them. Here’s my set up on the deck. With our awning there is beautiful diffused light.

Here’s the finished painting. As you can see- I cropped a lot!!! 6x6 on a cradled panel.

They are just beautiful- now captured in a painting. Sold and off to a new home in Hilton Head, SC.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Cuttyhunk Plein Air


We took the ferry from New Bedford and an hour later we were tying up in Cuttyhunk, the outermost island of the Elizabeth Islands in Massachusetts. Home to just 10 year round residents, the summer population grows to 400! Here’s the Fish Dock, where I settled down to do my painting.

  This was a lovely surprise. A First Place and a sale! Very happy!

We turned in our paintings, and they were judged, then we all came in for the art show. I think there were 47 artists! Exciting because the last two years had been virtual- so great to be on Cuttyhunk, painting together!