Sunday, January 24, 2010

untitled and unfinished

Working on a series of coffee shop images, people in a hurry to get their jo and go, others lingering and chatting. I'm interested, as usual, in the space around the people, always inspired by Hopper.Using a palette that includes a warm and cool red, yellow and blue plus white.Wanting to get a bigger surface to work on, a piece of glass. Glad to be in the studio, another bad cold had me down and out, at home holed up with a book.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter White

Happy New Year to everyone. Wishes for you to be inspired to create, to learn and grow, to love more deeply as you travel on whatever path you have chosen at the onset of a new decade. May abundance fill your life!
This 18x24 painting was done from yet more lovely flowers Judy has brought into the studio. The view out the window is of the big pond, across the street from 1st Beach in Newport, Rhode Island. I am certainly blessed to live in such an amazing place. Even though the weather has been for far too long in the 20's.It was colder here than it was when I was in Chicago before Christmas, and that's just not right!