Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Up Again

Working on a 16x20 format, this painting is my entry for a show juried by Roger Kirby, whose work is so diverse and amazing. I like the painting anyway, and won't take it personally if I don't get accepted. This is so hard when you first start entering juried shows, it's a personal affront and so demoralizing if you don't get accepted. We have to develop a thick skin and keep on making the art  that is truest to us. One jurors rejection is another jurors prize winner! I've seen it happen, to myself and to others. Meanwhile, my fingers are crossed....


  1. You should be accepted for sure. Love the composition and use of space with lines and shapes.

  2. Great to hear this was accepted!!! I can't wait to see it in person.

  3. I'm glad for you. I love it either way.