Friday, May 18, 2012

Just Dotty

Here's the finished painting. It's 12x12, done from life in the studio under lights. I would like to try a few fabric studies outside in natural light to observe the differences in the color. Maybe I could toss the fabric over a chair or lay it on the grass. How about on the grass in dappled sunlight. Then it would be even more dotty! Or on some roundish rocks on the beach by my house. I could go on and on, need a pad to keep the ideas on. I think them, then I forget them! How about you?


  1. When I write it down I forget to look!

    The finished piece is wonderful. I love the way you use color.

  2. Thank you Julie! The feeling is mutual.Color is so enticing, I always have to remind myself to find the greys too.

  3. I have such a collection of notebooks! Then one day I find one under a pile, flip through, and think to myself: I remember thinking that! Lately, I'm finding some of these ideas have already been realized into paintings or series. Lesson here? Sometimes just the act of writing down your intention is all you need to make it happen. Love the patterns on these, Anne!