Monday, May 12, 2014

Camping and Post Number 500

We went camping last weekend and despite the cool day and lots of fog, I was determined to paint. It's been way too long! I wanted to depict the classic Airstream nestled among the trees, being a part of its surroundings.

12x12 on panel. Just added a second image which is truer to the painting. Took the first with a lot of glare on the painting which washed out the color. Hmmm.
As I was updating this post, I realized it is the 500th time I've blogged! Nothing feels as good as being consistent with something that is important to oneself. Instead of thinking about doing, DOING is what gives me the deep satisfaction of really being in this process.  The results aren't what are most important, it's the showing up and doing the work. I appreciate everyone who visits my blog and takes the time to comment, it means so much to be part of this community! Thank you all.

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