Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Lighten Up- Travel Journal

I wanted to show in this gouache plein air how I thought it could be improved upon after looking at it the next day. I wanted to put more light into it, so I went back in with a specific plan in mind. I am normally an oil painter and I can keep all my color mixes very clean because I have trained myself to mix with the palette knife. With the gouache I am mixing right on the palette and it is easier for the colors to get muddy, which sometimes results in lovely muted shades and other times results in mud! I went in with clean color the next time and the result made me happier, which is what I wanted with a painting of sunflowers!


  1. Well you just made that table and sunflowers pop right off the page. Just love your gouache paintings!

  2. Thanks Libby! I always appreciate your comments!