Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In Waiting

This painting is 24"x48" and shows a part of the inner harbor at Newport, Rhode Island. There are quite a few amazing restaurants in the vicinity and the scene brought me back to the early 70's, when I lived on a 30ft sailboat named Calliope and worked in a seafood restaurant in Annapolis, Md. We were at anchor in the harbor for a summer and I rowed my trusty Avon to work where it waited til I was through my shift to row back out to the boat.  All the dinghies seem to have outboards now.


  1. A neat little painting. Those restaurants sound great. It is fun to eat at a place where you can watch the boats come and go.

  2. Thanks Doug, I am so lucky to live by the water. Newport is gearing up for America Cup trials starting next week. Lots of sailing action.