Sunday, June 10, 2012

Inspired by Lupine

While driving through Maine last week on our way to Nova Scotia, I was struck by the number of lupine growing wild by the roadside. I convinced my husband to pull over ( no easy feat while diving the motor home) so I could pick a few. I sacrificed my cup holder for their color, scent and simple regal beauty. A simple pleasure.


  1. One of my favorite early summer experiences! Lupines everywhere and nowhere but Maine! Hope your trip was great!

  2. The lupines are early this year and so abundant! They're such an artist distraction while driving!

    Don't text while driving. Don't eat while driving. I hope no one informs the authorities that artists are the most distracted while driving! If they knew, they'd pull all of our licenses...

    Enjoy your vacation!

  3. I want to plant some lupines here Libby, but nothing will compare to the roadside masses. All over Nova Scotia too!
    Susan, you are so right about being distracted by all the natural beauty around, or even sometimes something totally quirky will strike me, like a shadow on a building.