Thursday, April 27, 2017


Nothing brings more hope that Spring will actually come again than the appearance of daffodils. I picked a bunch of them at my sisters house on Easter morning, enjoying the great variety of blooms. There are plants that our grandmother planted eons ago showing the hardiness and longevity of these bulbs. 
This is a single Trumpet; I love the soft white petals and the vibrant yellow cup.
Painted from direct observation, then follow up from a photo as I am working in a slower way, making layers of paint for depth and considering composition of the background as important as my subject.


  1. Fabulous!
    I am enjoying seeing your
    new method of working, Ann. This has such an impact with strong design and color placement.
    When you say- slower and in layers... are you working in oil or acrylics?

  2. Thanks for checking in Julie- I love hearing from you. I know that acrylics lend themselves well to layering but I just love that oil paint. That means patience and working on a couple at a time, and of course not loading up the paint as much as I have in the past.