Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Cyclamen Revisited and Waiting

This holiday season seems to be about waiting. My memoir, Into the Light,  is close to being available, but not quite, so I wait for that. My son is coming from San Francisco for a visit, but he's not here yet. I shop, bake, clean, decorate, and prepare for the season of parties, visits and upcoming plans, but today lies unencumbered before me. A cold morning walk woke me to the nature of waiting; to find peace in the wait. Whatever will unfold, will do so in its' own time- I'm not able to make it happen. I've let go of trying to force things on my timetable. The universe, in its infinite wisdom, will guide me. I'm grateful for my faith.
I hope you find those precious moments of peace in your day, today. xox

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