Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Water Garden I

Reading from The Artist's Handbook by Ralph Mayer, I find that gouache is most often used in a high chromatic key, or when the artist wants to create a high value contrast. Gouache is opaque watercolor,but it is usually done on less roughly textured paper than normal watercolor paper. Some painters use a tinted paper, or start with a watercolor layout first, then apply gouache as the next layer.


  1. Nice, Anne. Keep going! And you will want to add a list of links to other bloggers you like. Usually you just email them or ask on their blog, and if they don't mind you linking to them, they'll usually say something like, "Sure, and I'll put your link on MY blog.." and away you go!

  2. Words of encouragement mean alot. Thanx. How do I set it up so you see the posts one after the other and how do I add the other places to visit???Like now I click on your pic and it gives me a link to your website, but what if you weren't a follower? How do I make the other links?