Friday, July 9, 2010

Value Study

Today was the 1st session Plein Air with Kathy Weber. When she said we'd be doing a value study using only black and white I thought, ho hum. Well,was I challenged! I used Gamblin Chromatic Black and Zinc White. We then mixed 3 values between the black and white and off we went. I was attracted to the view between 2 houses across from Independence Park in Bristol.Learned alot by doing this "simplified" painting.


  1. What an intricate job retaining (or creating) contrasts. I keep finding things - the skim of highlight that separates the bush from the hedge and the hedge from the far house creating a huge illusion of widely differing values - growing (or including, if they were there) the smaller, darkish tree on the right to separate the same- (or close-)value foreground wall on the right and background house. The corner post to separate the dark wall on the left from the dark under the porch... amazing.

  2. Thank you! It's really the contrasts that will bring a viewer to the work.I had to leave alot unsaid, with the values very close on the right side.Thanks for visiting my blog.