Sunday, January 16, 2011

After Diebenkorn

I just finished this for the Fakes and Forgeries at Spring Bull. Remembered that several years back I did a copy of an Edward Hopper painting, a woman in a rocker looking out at the city titled "Room in Brooklyn". Two painters I have definitely been influenced by, interested by a woman sitting alone in a space. Is someone with her? The artist, of course, but who else, and why? Explores questions of solitude vs loneliness.


  1. Great study of Diebenkorn, Anne. I love the composition!

  2. NO WAY! I want to see that painting of A Room in Brooklyn. I did the very same one!!

  3. I'll post it soon-for laughs. I did it while I was taking a class at Mass Art,we had to go to the MFA and find a painting we could keep visiting to check our progress. We (unfortunately)didn't get to paint in the museum. Which would have freaked me out anyway.