Monday, December 26, 2011

Lisa & Lola

I finished this Christmas Eve, delivered it Christmas morning, with the paint still wet. Lisa was very surprised, as this painting has been sitting half forgotten and unfinished in my studio for longer than I care to admit. My husband was the one to urge me into the studio saying, "Just get it done!" He has more faith in me than I do sometimes!                                                                                        


  1. Very nice, I'm sure this painting is loved and appreciated.

  2. Thanks Douglas,people ARE touched when you give them a piece of your art.Hope your holidays are going well.

  3. I bet she was thrilled... this is great! Sometimes just plowing through is the thing to do! Great work!

  4. very nice.
    My hubby is not a procrastinator but I wear the CROWN!
    Doesn't it feel GREAT when you get it done?!