Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cape Cod Cottages

Started to adjust the sky, bringing in more yellow,want to address the foreground fence, and make the posts more irregular.
The next day, I worked on unifying the left, connecting more of my darks, pumping up the volume of that yellow sky. Softened window by adding soft glaze, the shape suggesting curtains. The background "alien color" which doesn't appear anywhere else, makes a bigger impact for that reason. It's finished.


  1. It's been very interesting watching you develop this painting. I might have chosen to keep some of those punchy oranges in the foreground, but you brought it to a very nice finish. Sun and shadow read well and I find myself advancing down the road around the various cottages. I like what you did with your sky. The diagonal works nicely with the front cottage, pulling you right back in for another walk down the little street...

    Very nice.

  2. Done! you are added to my blog list! :-)

  3. Thanks Susan for your feedback. I think the foreground to the left reads warmer in person than in this photo.I'm glad you think the composition works!
    Thank you Linda!