Saturday, February 7, 2015

Another Take on Out Back

I wanted to deconstruct and abstract the plein air painting I did at the beginning of the week. The next day I started a new painting using ultra simplified shapes but I was far from happy with the outcome so I walked away from the work. I'm not posting it either!
Thinking about what I am trying to achieve for the next three days gave me some direction so today I went in and painted over, scraped and scraped and this is what came out of it.


  1. Well this a sure a beauty...We are in this together kid

  2. Well it turns me on. Great shapes, colors and texture. Love it.

  3. Thank you Page, I so appreciate being part of this wonderful and thoughtful community!
    Thank you Julie, I did it with a knife which gives it so much texture! Love you both for stopping by and commenting!