Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Do out of town scenes attract collectors?

I'm curious about whether anyone has found that local scenes work better for local markets or do out of town scenes attract the wanderlust in us? 
Here's another one from Lajitas- plein air on location, then tweaked in studio.


  1. Hi Anne - I have found that the tourists as well as they locals like the local scenes if they are iconic. We have a mountain range and that always sells...no matter who paints it. BUT a landscape of a local place which no one recognizes, may not sell unless done by a locally well known artist. Paintings of places like Italy may sell in Sante Fe but not here in our small town.
    is it the same where you live?
    Love your painting and in the previous post.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment Julie. I love your Blue Shutters-France. Not so location specific makes it appeal to a greater audience. Where I live in New England -most people want rocks and water paintings! Not me but I must get out there and try!