Sunday, September 3, 2017

Boy on a Rope

Inspired after the fact. Has it happened to you- that you started working on a painting and something about it brought back a memory? I think it was the hat and the profile of the boy facing to the right in this painting by Georges Seurat that came to my mind.
Seurat was a French post- Impressionist best known for developing pointillism, breaking from the Impressionists in 1886, with this unique style of applying pure color in small dots.

Here's my layout of the composition. I'm painting over a 24"x24" oil that was a copy of a Richard Diebenkorn, who is one of my all time and go to favorites and a big influence on me. I used Cadmium Orange and a round brush, thinned down so it wouldn't build up on the surface.

Here's my finished painting. It's in a group show at Spring Bull Gallery for the month of September. All Hands on Deck features some outstanding artists, so I'm very excited to be part of this show!

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