Sunday, October 22, 2017

Balloon Frenzy

We pulled into a tiny, quiet campground around 9 miles east of Akron, Ohio and were surprised when an hour later two trucks arrived with all the gear to launch two magnificent hot air balloons. We literally had a front row seat and I dashed to get my paints and capture as much of the excitement as I could.

 Quite a crowd gathered, and one friend of a ballooner took this picture of me as I moved into power painter mode. I did snap a few pics of my own and finished the painting as the balloons drifted out of sight. I was so excited that I posted on my FB page the first painting that evening.
But, here's the problem. I never took the time to really look at what I was painting. Second, I impulsively hit that Post button. 
So here's the "corrected" painting, which is, in fact, truer to the mood and scene that my first stab had been. 
Biggest lesson learned: it's never too late to fix something if you can. And, pause before posting!

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