Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Art School Notebook 1

Thought I would share some pearls from the notebooks when I was formally studying art.
All the color swatches were paper painted with gouache first and then cut into squares for the exercises.
The page heading was the 7 color contrasts: Value, Hue, Intensity, Temperature, Simultaneous contrast, Extension, and Complementary.
The exercise shown here is one color appearing to be two different colors and is based on the work of Josef Albers and his book Interaction of Color. The main teaching is that the identity depends on its situation, the amount, placement and shape of the color. The color sandwiched between the yellow appears so much darker. If you have trouble seeing that, squint!
Notebook: 3/05/04

This study in gouache was done plein air in St Augustine, FL. 2003


  1. I am grateful for my art school education but in my classes I have artists who had a fine art education at a university and never were taught the basics like you show here.
    Love your sketch!

    1. Thanks for your comments Julie. I found the same thing with my students- they were starved for the fundamentals.I love reviewing the basics.