Sunday, October 21, 2018

Gull 1

Working on a series, small in size, six to start. I set these parameters for myself as a discipline, for too often, I hate to admit, I can get off track with my art. I want to paint so many things, which is great, but I think it's good to rein it in every now and then. So here we are- these are all 6x6, oil on stretched linen. I am enjoying the abstract nature of the seashore, reflections, movement in the water, and of course, the classic form of the lowly seagull!


  1. Love him looking at me. You are on a roll, Ann. These gulls are wonderful but I also like the way you design the square!

  2. Thanks so much Julie- I enjoy the square format so much, also like a longer rectangle- like a 12x24. Loved your pizza guy, and yes, it IS nice to know where the paintings end up!