Thursday, January 25, 2024


 How does the idea of New Year’s resolutions resonate with you? It’s already almost the end of January, so some have probably been broken already. Ok- I’ll just speak for myself! Haven’t given up sugar! Haven’t been to the gym 3 times a week! Not even meditating daily! But what I have done is started a consistent study of portraiture. I want to paint the family- we’re a small one so that’s good- in oil on 8x8 cradled panel. I’ll be sharing my portrait drawings too- I’m going on a deep dive into portraiture!

Here’s the first one- my granddaughter Teagan. She’ll be turning sixteen in a few weeks! And did you notice too, how the time is flying by!

Painted over an old panel, I did a grid first then did my best at getting the features where they belong and the proportions correct.

 I ended up pleased, but after a lot of tweaking, scraping and reassessing!

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