Monday, October 17, 2011


Started this plein air on a scale I don't usually do outside (20x20). I was initially intimidated to even attempt such a size, but my painting partner Judy Chaves urged me to get outside my comfort zone. Not one to run from a challenge, I took her (it!) on. After 4 hours the light was entirely different, and I had to call it a day. Finished in the studio as the weather never returned when I had the time to go out. I was forced to use my visual memory in a way as to keep the painting from being overworked. I am grateful that it worked out!


  1. That is massive for a plein air, and what a lot of detail you managed to include, well done.

  2. I really like this one!! The colors, shadows, detail...excellent!

  3. I love the angles you're getting in these marine paintings. I like everything about this and I'm also working larger of late and had to buy some huge tubes of paint to match the size of the canvas!