Thursday, February 6, 2014

White Amaryllis

This amazing bulb has put forth so many blooms; just knew I had to paint it. The yellow is a sash I used to keep the stalk from falling over, push-pinned to the studio wall. A continuation of still life against the grey wall is allowing room for exploration and that's a good thing. We used this set up in the class I teach on Tuesday and the biggest lesson was value. White flowers that are by no means just white, and a light grey wall that wasn't that light! 
8x8 on cradled panel.


  1. White Amaryllis...

    ...are so much fun to paint
    and it shows with
    all their white colors,
    and you added a splash
    of a dash of a sash
    of yellow, to anchor
    those stalking stems,
    turned out very nice.

  2. Why thank you, your words so kind
    the whites you know
    I see them in the snow.