Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Painting Fundamentals, Class Demo

In class today we started with thumbnails, an exercise often neglected as we usually just want to get on with the painting. We saw that our first look may not be the best or most interesting composition, so we did three. We looked at them as objectively as possible asking, which would make the best painting? I kept my demo simple with the focal point being the light area of green background against the edge of the flower. Lots of simplification of the shapes in the glass and the petals of the flower.


  1. Love this high key palette, Anne. I would be curious to see what compositions were decided against and why you selected this one. Or your students...just sayin'...

  2. Thanks Libby, the thumbnails that didn't make it to paint were either because they had no real center of interest, ie. boring, were too ambitious/and or confusing, or just part of the path to find the thumbnail that worked best. We did them the size of the viewfinder opening.Great question though!