Friday, February 7, 2014

The Quarterdeck at The Newport Art Museum

I am thrilled to share that this painting THE QUARTERDECK got juried into the Newport Art Museum' Members Show. You just never know what the juror is looking for, so it's always a surprise- good or bad! I have learned about myself over the years by entering juried shows, how to have a thicker skin, to believe in myself, to keep making art in spite of what the critics may say, to keep moving along this beautiful path of self-expression. 
Feb 8th to May 18 when you visit Newport, Rhode Island!
Did I say how happy this makes me?


  1. Congratulations! Great news, fine art, big smile.

    It's always nice to know that others appreciate one's art, affirmation from others. And that it gets shared.

    In my book career before I'd read a new review of one of my books I'd say to myself, "They get to do the review. You get to make the book. Which would you rather be doing?"

    It also translates to art. "They get to select art to make their show. You get to make art. Which would you rather be doing?"

    Paint on, enjoy the exhibit and way to go, whoopee!

    1. What do you make of the critic over your shoulder, while painting, while writing? I enjoy those times when she isn't there!!
      So happy painting, the exhibit has something for everyone! Glad to be in such good company.

  2. I love the exhibit. What a great show. I feel I am in great company. My piece was juried in too. Would have liked to meet you.

  3. Susan, I wish I'd met you too. I was looking closely at your work (the only way to take it all in) with my friend Kathy Morton whose work is hung right above you. She knows you and we were both enjoying your piece! Congrats for getting in too.

  4. I feel so very happy for you, Anne, it is certainly well deserved and I congratulate you.
    Love the painting.

  5. Thank you Martine and Julie, I appreciate your warm support!