Monday, May 2, 2011

Workshop With Hollis Dunlap

This was the set up for the first of a two day workshop with Hollis Dunlap. Check out his work at The Ruggiero Gallery. He is a classical realist and put us through the paces, as he talked about first toning the canvas, just to loosen yourself up a bit. Hollis likes flat brushes and demonstrated the variety of marks that can be made with one brush, making the drawing first with the edge of the brush, a thin line that can be corrected. He likes to use a max of 3 strokes with a  loaded brush,prefers to mix with a brush rather than with a palette knife, and encourages correction upon correction. He stated the importance of being willing to work at a particular area it to get it right, not just settling for good enough. He is incredibly generous with his knowledge, and gave honest critiques in a kind way. Here's my effort for the day;exhausted but feeling good.

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