Sunday, April 29, 2012

Two Pails

This is the completed painting which has been back and forth to class with Nancy McCarthy at MassArt a few times. The right side looks somewhat warmer in real life, do you all do much with Photoshop to adjust the color? I have felt sometimes that the color looks somehow "flat", but I let it go and just post. I'm looking forward to any ones comments about this.


  1. Anne, I think you've done a great job with the color; guess you refer to the photo of the painting. Are you taking the photo with the painting lying flat on its back, or is it standing up? Standing straight up, the glare of overhead light won't blanch out the color. With higher resolution, maybe you would see more of the brush strokes and the variety of light effect that provides. Another trick might be to bracket the exposure. Jan Armor could explain much better than I. You go to the place in your camera where there is a scale of -1 -0- +1. Bracketing is taking the picture at each one of those three settings. Maybe one of them will be a better effect, more like what you are looking for. Hope that isn't too much information! Love the painting! Your work is taking off!

  2. I very much like the color as shown...and especially love the placement of the ball.
    I use Picasa3 to edit my photos and sometimes have to adjust the color on that, but it is very simple. I use an easel to place my work on to photograph with a light overhead, but off to the side. I usually have texture in my work and this way it shows up.

  3. Thank you both for your comments. I do put some of the little ones flat Libby, so I will not do that in the future. Ah, bracketing is an unknown world to me! I will check about trying to get a higher resolution too. I haven't tried Picassa to edit yet Julie,only using it to make albums. Thanks for your comment on the composition. This painting is 16x20.