Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 This is the initial block in of 
Gilbert. I will show in the next 5 images how I progressed in this portrait class taught by Kathy Weber. Her amazing demo was done in 20 minutes making us all feel terribly inadequate. ( I should speak for myself!) I took the next 20 minutes to measure, assess, and take my time to do the drawing.
Back after a short break, I tried to get that large shape of the beret in, noting that I needed to increase the size of it, and his head, quite a bit! I established my initial lights and darks. Remember, this class is the Zorn palette: we use only Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Cad Red Light, and Ivory Black.
 I was feeling confused by what was happening on the left side of his face, so I put in the background color. I also gave more space behind the ear and to his neck. Kathy noted that his mouth doesn't turn down, as I had it, but is hidden  by his moustache. I was able to see that side of his face better and resolve the lower cheek.
 I added more color to his face, and lightened his forehead, which received the most amount of light. I found the color of his shirt and worked on resizing and replacing the ear. I took photographs after each 20 minute sitting, to see how I was doing.
Final touches include highlight above the eye, the moustache more defined, and a little je ne sais quoi! I feel I am learning alot. Kathy is a wonderful, detailed teacher with both demonstration and explanation.


  1. I am so impressed. Your structure is excellent and without that a portrait can fall apart. I can tell it is invigorating you.

  2. Thank you Julie, I think it helps to break down the process. There is so much to learn!