Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Over the Lagoon

I took my paints out to this gazebo like structure that sits out over the lagoon looking at the light on the bank of the opposite shore. I approached it as I have been doing, getting the drawing down in pencil first. The sun has come out after two days of clouds but the wind has also picked up. I decided to go back to the comfort of home, and use my visual memory to paint. Before I left I looked carefully at what I wanted to emphasize, what wasn't as important to me and then I packed up my things and biked home. I haven't tried that particular way of working before and I enjoyed it quite a bit!


  1. Gorgeous color and angles! I've really enjoyed exploring your blog this morning . . . your ability to reduce all the complexity to simplicity with all that velvety paint really conveys a sense of place. I can feel the breeze in the previous landscapes.
    Love what you're doing!

  2. Why thank you Lorraine! It's great when we have time to look closely at another artists work, I appreciate you doing so and commenting. I also love what you're doing.