Monday, October 7, 2013

Porch update

Another long session in the studio let me focus on that shadow shape, differentiating the blue in the light from the blue in the shadow, the blue closest to the door then moving into the room. Same with the whites. I think I am pretty close to saying all that I need to say.


  1. Anne, very nice. I am attracted to the contrasts between the checkered squares against the vertical lines. And the warms playing against the cool colors.

  2. Thank you Kendra! I had some fun with this.

  3. Complex and brilliant. So many wonderful areas. You must be pleased with this one, Anne.

  4. This one evokes a sense of Hopper to me (?) I'm taken with all the verticals and your soft rendition of them but it also has a quiet lonely feeling, a timelessness.
    About Arches paper: It's under $9 for a 22 x 30 sheet and archival for oil. You can tear it down to any size. Instant surface but it is absorbent so if you like to start out feeling paint on a slick surface, you won't get that. Once your initial block-in is done, it feels like any other surface, durable and you can load it with paint. It seems less precious so if something comes out bad, it's easy to throw away. For framing, you have to either mount it (I use gatorboard and coat it with gesso to make it acid-free) and PVA glue to adhere. Either that or hinging under glass.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! Love seeing your evolution.