Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Get Focused!

I've wanted to do something with a photo I took of Lily, the sweet house kitty I met this summer while I was at the Castine Plein Air Festival. In my studio the other day, between projects and feeling very unfocused, I got out the photo, my brushes and gouache. I wanted to have a big pop of color so I amped up the yellow of the chair. This photo hasn't been cropped so you can also see where I placed the white painters tape. 

Here is the painting cropped. I think I will pull the tape, then use a white mat with a tiny bit of white paper showing, framed in a white frame for a contemporary look. 
I love how even a short time in the studio can get me focused, even if I have no idea what will happen. 


  1. This is great. I love the design and the cropping made it more contemporary, for sure!
    I agree about studio time, Anne, something magical happens in our minds.

    1. Thanks for your comments Julie. I always appreciate your input.