Thursday, December 21, 2017

No Hurry, No Worry

Today is the first day of winter, and the feelings as we get closer to December 25 can become ones of being completely overwhelmed or just maybe something else. I did some early shopping before the mad rush takes over and that definitely helps.  I took Cooper for a walk and being out in nature is so good, especially as there was no wind and lots of sun this morning.  My daughter went to her Yin yoga class before work to find her center and I find inspiration in that. When I'm not rushing around, it's easier to be inspired.
I'm gallery sitting today at Spring Bull Gallery here in Newport, RI, and I'm very grateful to be in one place til 5pm. No hurry today.
Everything will get done.
Everything is as it should be. 
I wish you peace in your hearts this holiday season and thank you for all your comments and support of my art and musings this past year.
This gouache is the next step from my previous post of the cat from Castine. Thought she was the purrfect example of cool and collected!

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