Sunday, January 20, 2019

The juror didn't chose my painting and that's ok

I submitted this 24x24" oil painting titled Off Mill to the Newport Art Museum for the annual Member's Show and it didn't get in. From a field of 265 - 90 were chosen. Some years I've gotten in, other years not and I can reflect on my own growth over the years since I started submitting.
A thick skin was something I didn't have at all, and not being accepted was always taken personally back in those days. I could intellectually understand that it wasn't about ME but when you're taking a big chance to submit at all and then not chosen- it's hard to not feel hurt. I've been rejected is what just ran through my mind.
A few tips that have helped me over the years-
1. Love my work and feel it represents me in the best possible way. If I submit a piece that doesn't excite or satisfy me in some way, how can I expect it to move a juror?
2. Never paint for a specific show but look through my work to choose a painting that fits the theme. I have learned this the hard way when I once submitted to a colored pencil show and I'm not a colored pencil artist! It was a fun exercise, but not show worthy.
3. Remember that the juror is looking in a subjective way and what may not be chosen for one show can win a prize in another. So many factors go into jurying a show that are beyond my control.
4. My experience with being a juror myself and knowing how hard the choices can be. I looked for work that was technically well done and also roused some emotion in me. I picked work that touched me in a personal way. 

Inspired to paint more, see things differently and push myself to new places is always what I want when I pick up my brush.

And so too in life. There are many stumbles, and times when I didn't get what I wanted at the time. Only to find there were better things waiting for me around the next corner. Don't ever give up!

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