Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas

Painted this for my sister and her husband, their house before the renovations. 11x14, I had fun with this, from the dried hydrangeas in the foreground to the small piece of Narragansett Bay behind the house. They were thrilled and that made me happy!


  1. This is wonderful. You captured the colors of the snow laden sky and vastness behind the house so well. Dog is a lovely personal touch.
    Happy New Year, Ann. I wish you many terrific painting days.

  2. Very nice, and don't you love seeing dogs in the snow? Mine seem like they really enjoy running around in it.

  3. Thank you Julie and Doug, I appreciate your comments on this painting. I have no experience with snow but we just got 4", our first of the year in Rhode Island. Happy New Year, let's paint with abandon!