Friday, December 7, 2012


Second in this little series is Sliced, again painted on a 6x6 cradled panel. I coated it with gesso first, then sanded it. I could have used a second coat of gesso, but my impatience won out. I played with the edges of the foreground rind, not wanting them to be too well defined. Working quickly, not trying so hard. Against my nature, but then, that's how I grow.


  1. I am liking your orange series. I think it is good and fun to explore a subject with more than one painting. Looking forward to number 3.

  2. Love this series....great idea and you are really nailing the whole feel of the peel!

  3. Thanks Linda, I like good and fun combined! Nancy, you're a poet! Thanks for your comments, I appreciate your taking the time!