Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Abstract Avery, Day 22 of 30

I wanted to duplicate the colors in the Milton Avery painting and keep the strong shapes, playing with some of the lines to add textural interest. I read that he did this with a fork or a razor! I feel I caught the sense of being by a window. Hard to believe that this challenge is 2/3rd done; I have been so caught up in the process!
6x6 on Arches oil paper. 


  1. I have been totally caught up in your Avery and I love your interpretations. You are certainly seeing the marvelous shapes and color combinations. I can actually "feel" I am by the window in this one.

  2. Thank you Julie, it has been so fun this time with the challenge.I'm getting some new ideas to help my students with color too; I am so pleased you took the time to stop by and comment!