Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Diebenkorn, Day 29 of January Challenge

Two days left of this challenge and I return to Richard Diebenkorn. So influential to the Bay Area artists, and always an inspiration to me. This painting from 1957, titled July, is rich with narrative and the saturated color present in so many of his paintings. You can feel the heat of the day!
Mine is 5x5 on Arches oil paper. I will be mounting the group on cradled panels and plan to show how they all look in a later post. For now, there is an end in sight to this painting whirlwind called A Painting a Day In January. Hasn't this been quite the experience?


  1. You have absolutely caught the essence of wonderful Mr D.
    Loving this series and hate to see it end tomorrow.

  2. Thank you Julie! I am in the process of mounting them to cradled panels and will hang them at the gallery I'm in in Newport, RI. We have a fun show titled Fakes and Forgeries and I know my paintings will fit right in!

  3. Nice job Anne...You have been a real inspiration

  4. Thank you Page! You inspire me always with color and vibrancy!