Thursday, January 9, 2014

Degas, Day 9 of 30

I have a large catalogue from a 1988 retrospective of Edgar Degas and I found  this pastel, referred to as the Paris bather, to use as my inspiration for today's painting.
Painted in 1885-6 it is titled Nude Woman Drying Her Feet. His interest was in the figure and here she is doubled over into a seated fetal position, the room cropped tightly around her, her imperfections portrayed as truly as Degas saw her through his own eyes. The blue, yellow and green harmonies are used here, as they were in many of Degas' bathers. 
I had to keep making her rounder, which went against how I thought she should be. Interesting!
My son thinks I should also post the original work, which is a great idea and I will do when I get a bit of time. Update 1/20/14. Original images are now added so you can see what inspired me!


  1. You know I am your biggest fan..Look forward to the Abstract!

  2. And I'm a great fan of both of you! Having fun observing the challenge this time instead of being in it, which I guess I should have done. Love what you are doing with it, Anne. I can't wait to see the original photo of the painting, as well as how you abstract it.

  3. Always loved this painting. Love how you painted this.OK I also am part of the mutual admiration society for all 3 of you!

  4. Thank you Fay and Susan, this challenge has kickstarted the year for me and I so appreciate your checking in!

  5. I've been flipping between your Degas Day 9 of 30, enjoying your abstract minimalism, and the original Degas, fun; you must post the original, Woman at Her Toilette, Drying Her Left Foot, 1885-86, Pastel on paper, 20.5" W x 21.25" H. I saw the original Degas at the MFA in Boston, November 2011 and still have the catalogue. The MFA had a similar Degas pastel, La Toilette reproduced at twenty feet high, huge, towering over the immense open food court, irony above the tables of eaters. It inspired a quick observation poem.

    No Privacy
    While everyone ate
    she excused herself
    to wash up, big time.

    Thank you for your lovely comments regarding my amaryllis watercolors on my art blog, another 30 Paintings in 30 Days painter. (When posting comments I use this pseudonym.) If you'd like to email me directly (follow the Google link) and I'll send you a JPG image of Woman at Her Toilette, Drying Her Left Foot suitable for posting.