Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Quiet Cove

Monday was a perfect day and I got to Fort Adams early to scout the area and find where I wanted to set up and paint. I was soon joined by others, Monday’s Palette is the Plein Air group I paint with and we’ve got a show coming up in August at Spring Bull Gallery in Newport, RI.
One boat I had wanted to paint had someone on board- soon the flag was up and the anchor hauled out. I was glad I hadn’t started a painting, but that’s certainly happened to me before.
That’s where the camera does come in handy- I’m not a Plein air purist who never goes back into the work later in the studio to make it a better painting.
My eyes were drawn to the deep green of the water and the reflections
This one is 12x16 on a Centurian Deluxe Oil Primed Linen Panel.

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