Thursday, February 2, 2012

1st class Personal & Powerful

1st night of class, feel like I haven't ever painted before. Why does that feeling come over me? Didn't even crop this, so you could see a bit of the studio. The floor in this studio is so slanted, things roll off on their own! I'm trying to be kind to myself and give myself a chance here, the inner critic is having a field day with this painting,,,,which I don't even consider a painting. It's a study...there, doesn't that sound better?


  1. I think that critic of yours needs to roll down the studio and out the door! Not every painting is a masterpiece and I would say that you learned something from this experience (if nothing else ... how to keep your materials from rolling!). Keep up the good work!! :-)

  2. Thanks Linda.I appreciate your humor, sometimes I take myself way too seriously!