Friday, February 10, 2012

3rd class MassArt

Here's a view of the set up I worked on this week at MassArt. Nancy McCarthy is in the background in her orange coat. I used the palette knife exclusively, did a thumbnail (which I usually don't do but which she suggests doing). When I started putting the paint on the panel I applied it directly, inside of doing a drawing first. Big mistake, because my composition wasn't like the thumbnail, which was better I think. I should have corrected it immediately, but I didn't. Next time. So many things to consider, I need to slow down. I get too excited and just plunge into painting.  To the left of that red box in the foreground was a roll of ribbon. Impossible to get using alizirian. Had to use quinacridone crimson, good reason for a full palette.


  1. You are doing a great job. I think it is VERY hard not to plunge into painting. It's just too exciting!!

  2. Thanks for passing all this info on. I am enjoying following it very much. I really like your painting - especially the drapery.

  3. Thank you Linda and Julie, I'm glad you're enjoying spring semester with me!