Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Second 20 Minute Pose

Got back to the open figure drawing/painting class at the Newport Art Museum this past Saturday. After 5 minute gesture drawings, the model settled into some 20 minute poses. Working with acrylics and a very limited palette I gave it my best. Talk about having time fly! The first pose? Embarrassing.


  1. Great job on capturing the pose and establishing the valures, well done.

  2. Thanks Douglas, I enjoy the quick decision making, fast mark making process. Sometimes I get bogged down with myself!!

  3. NOOoooo Anne, you can't think in terms of 'good' 'bad
    ' or anything like that when you do these quickies! It's like exercise for your eyes! You're doing great!!! Someone once said, "if you can't paint people, you can't paint'. You definitely can paint!