Saturday, February 11, 2012

Complement study 1

For homework we were to pick 2 complements, then make at least 10 different colors from the 2 plus white. We were, however, warned NOT to rely on white, and just a value change, to make the different colors, but rather to vary the proportions of the colors as we mixed them. This is cad lemon and dioxazine purple. We could then put them in a grid, or arrange them in any way we like. I like this ribbony approach.


  1. This is lovely, a little Thomas Nozkowski -

  2. ooh, another artist for me to discover. I'm going down to NYC today to see work by Sangram Majumdar. I'm like a kid going to the candy store!!

  3. Yikes, I love Majumdar! you are so lucky --