Friday, January 11, 2013

Cut Up

Got into the studio early as I had work scheduled for the afternoon. I am so fortunate as I work Per Diem, which means I can pretty much make my own schedule. I am a morning person so really enjoy that quiet studio time before the gang arrives. I did this in natural light from our big studio windows that face west. (before the sun comes around and makes it harder to see anything!)
Day Ten, can you believe it? I am impressed with ALL OF YOU, you are my inspiration as we participate in this challenge by Leslie Saeta
This 6x6 oil is available with shipping included. Email me at


  1. I am glad I went back to see what I had missed. I particularly like this one - a lot. It has a dynamic composition with lovely color harmony.

  2. Thank you both!I spent more time with this one because of the complexity, but that's what I really enjoy, trying to unravel all I see into something understandable to the viewer.

  3. This is a wonderful painting of every day items.