Saturday, January 26, 2013

Her Left Shoe and Blue Mules

This first photo was cropped a bit tightly on the left, there is actually a bit of space to the left of the heel which you can see on the bottom image. Oh yeah, it's the little things! This image was painting along with yesterdays shoe, the panels side by side. Here are the two together so you can see how I planned it out and painted it. Hmm, the color not looking as warm as upper painting which is alot more how it looks.
5x7 oil on panel available for $100 includes shipping.Both for $175.
Painting 25/30 for 30 Day Challenge


  1. This is a wonderful duo, Anne. I love the way you did the blue mules, great job on the heels and you used the perfect background to go with them.
    Time has been tight, but you have done a great job with the challenge!

  2. Clever with strong painting and design makes this extra special, Ann. Hope you are pleased with them.

  3. I love the two panels side by side and such a original idea, well done

  4. I am in love with these blue shoes, and really like your idea of creating a mini-diptych of this pair of beauties!

  5. Thank you Fay, the shoes were on top of my worktable, just lucky it was the complement, for once I didn't set it up!
    Thank you Julie, the design just came to me and it really helped with the feeling of being so time pressured.
    Thanks Margaret, how often a good idea comes from trying to solve a problem! Sometimes it just works out.
    Thank you Claire. These shoes really inspired the whole concept. Blue satin, beaded, very glam!