Friday, January 25, 2013

Her Right Shoe

I hit a gold mine when I rummaged through the box of shoes in the studio. Aha, blue mules put an instant smile on my face. I put two 5x7 panels that I had toned with Payne's Grey acrylic next to each other and painted them both in oils. I dove right in without drawing, so pressed for time.(the time thing seems to be a recurring theme with me)! I did use a bigger brush than usual and am happy with the results. Come back tomorrow to see the other shoe...
Painting #24 out of 30 Leslie Saeta Challenge.available for $100 including shipping. Just email me at:annewinthropcordin@gmail.


  1. Interesting picture - simple and full of calm. Greetings from Poland.

  2. You did it! this is awesome. Sometimes time restraints are a good thing. You get some great "happy accidents". This is one! Can't wait to see the other one.