Monday, February 18, 2013

Afternoon Light

Set up in the bedroom, in front of the window, to paint this scene so familiar to me. Snow again, and winds so high I have no interest in being anywhere but right here. 
Artist note: Remember that the outside is always a higher value than the inside, so when looking at the window frame, which is painted white, it will NOT be white in the end. The first rule is to squint down and then the values will appear clear to you.


  1. Hi Anne, this is such a nice winter painting and the artist note is a good reminder for me. I just did some bottles setting in front of the window so even though it's not quite the same I will go back and look at my values.
    I thought I had already subscribed to your blog but I am doing it now to be sure. Keep painting!

  2. Thank you Fay, once we get the values right, we are more than halfway there. Who said, value does the work and color takes the credit? Thanks for adding me on!