Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Have A Heart

I painted this apple again, referencing the 6x6 painting I had done on the first day of the 30 day challenge.  This time I painted larger, 12x12 on linen and donated it to my favorite animal shelter here on Aquidneck Island, The Potter Shelter. Their annual fundraiser, HAVE A HEART,  is happening this Friday night, February 8th, at the Viking Hotel, and my painting will be available at auction, along with many other wonderful items.
On an artist note, don't be fooled that you can just make it bigger when you try to size up a painting. There are many subtle nuances to watch for, for me it was keeping the life in the shadows. Also, an opportunity to play a bit, those spots of orange will show up more when the whole painting is double in size! Watch too for edges.